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Whether you are looking to fix, upgrade, or install a new roof, Ernie Colegrove Construction has the experts that can help you with any residential or commercial roofing project.

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Ernie Colegrove Construction provides complete siding and trim installation. Whether you need vinyl, metal, or fiber composite siding, Ernie Colegrove Construction has the experts that can help you.

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Ernie Colegrove Construction offers professionally installed seamless gutters that reduce the possibility of leaks that will protect your home and commercial building.

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Rollex Steel Siding

Protect your home from weather extremes without compromising beauty. Rollex steel siding is the most durable siding product on the market; offering an oven-fused PVC finish that protects against dents and scratches, tighter seams and a more rigid make-up that stays true to form without buckling or warping, and our non-fade colors for lasting beauty.

Steel Siding is your all-around best option.

Steel siding is also green and safe for the environment. Rollex steel siding is 100% recyclable, extremely durable and safe to install. Plus, steel products don’t produce the cancer-causing silica dust produced by fiber cement products. Steel siding offers the protection you need with a maintenance-free, natural looking wood-grain finish in your choice of 16 designer colors.

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Less Visible Seams

Steel siding has better, tighter seams that don't stand out as much as fiber cement and vinyl siding products. Tighter seams provide a more aesthetically pleasing exterior as well as better insulation. During high winds wider gaped siding allows gusts to penetrate behind the panels causing it to tear off the home.Wider gaped seams are also a breeding ground for insect infestation and water infiltration.

Compare Siding Types

When comparing siding there are significant differences between materials that can have a big impact on costs and maintenance. Rollex Steel siding outperforms fiber cement board, vinyl and painted wood in all key categories.

Steel Siding - a better choice than vinyl, wood or fiber cement.


Steel siding is more rigid so it lays flatter against the exterior walls, hiding any imperfections and providing a beautiful finish to your home.

Steel Siding Colors

Rollex Steel Siding comes in a wide range of designer hues to enhance the appearance of any style of architecture while complementing the natural environment. Comes in matching and complementary colors with Rollex soffit, fascia, rainware and trim.

Realize Your Vision With These Steel Siding Colors

* Colors shown are approximate. Colors may look different on a house compared to a computer monitor. Please visit your local Rollex distributor or lumberyard to see colors in person.