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Whether you are looking to fix, upgrade, or install a new roof, Ernie Colegrove Construction has the experts that can help you with any residential or commercial roofing project.

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Ernie Colegrove Construction provides complete siding and trim installation. Whether you need vinyl, metal, or fiber composite siding, Ernie Colegrove Construction has the experts that can help you.

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Ernie Colegrove Construction offers professionally installed seamless gutters that reduce the possibility of leaks that will protect your home and commercial building.

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LP SmartSide Siding

At LP, creating new solutions for building is who we are. Since we pioneered our first engineered wood product, we’ve been creating better products to fit the changing needs of the building industry.

From engineered wood panels and siding to outdoor building solutions and design software, our innovative products have combined strength, technology and durability.

And when we do it just right, we create entirely new solutions. Take our original and best-selling oriented strand board (OSB). We’ve incorporated strand technology into many of our building solutions, such as the LP® TopNotch® Sub-Flooring series, LP® FlameBlock® Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing, LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding, LP® SolidStart® products and LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier Sheathing. On top of that, we’ve added technology to make certain products moisture resistant, flame retardant, and stronger than traditional lumber and plywood.

Today, LP is continuously working toward the future of building. We’re creating stronger, longer lasting and more innovative products while focusing on protecting the environment. We are committed to developing products engineered to perform and built to stand the test of time.

LP SmartSide is one of the fastest-growing house siding brands in the United States. It's an excellent choice for homeowners who want beautiful curb appeal and the easy maintenance that comes from these innovative engineered wood siding products.

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LP SmartSide Siding is engineered to perform beautifully in extreme climates and resist damage from impacts.


LP SmartSide Trim and Siding have been subjected to the intense moisture and thriving termite colonies of Hilo, Hawaii, since 1996. Even after years of exposure, LP SmartSide products remain structurally sound.

Proven to Resist Heat and Sun Exposure

Thanks to industrial-grade binders and resins and a durable coating, LP SmartSide has been shown to remain strong and beautiful even after prolonged exposure to intense sunlight and hot, dry weather.

Proven to Resist Impacts

Because of their unique engineering, LP SmartSide Trim and Siding products offer incredible strength to resist impact damage.

Proven to Resist Rot and Fungal Decay

Tests show that LP SmartSide siding resists fungal decay and remains structurally sound even after years of exposure in Hilo, Hawaii — a jungle with extremely high humidity and an average of 170 inches of rainfall per year.

Proven to Resist Termites

LP SmartSide Trim and Siding are treated with SmartGuard® featuring zinc borate to resist termite damage, even in the jungle of Hilo, Hawaii, which has a high population of especially aggressive termites.

Proven to Withstand Freeze/Thaw Cycles

Many substrates can crack when water is absorbed, freezes and then expands. LP SmartSide Trim and Siding are made with special waxes to prevent water infiltration and cracking.